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Longing for Orpheus – Echoes of Somnia review


echoesofsomniaI’m always impressed by music that effortlessly transports the listener into another world. Just by listening you suddenly find yourself in a positive and relaxing environment, far away from stress and problems. Echoes of Somnia by Longing for Orpheus is such an album. Its warm and welcoming sound is a true find for both new and old fans.

Longing for Orpheus is a music project by Derek Smootz. Echoes of Somnia is a collection of instrumental mixes of previously released songs, plus three brand new tracks made especially for this compilation. It is not really a remix album. The instrumental songs all have a unique sound and feel. It is not just an instrumental version of something released before. The new songs are Unearthed, Spellbound and Tracing Inspiration.

Great atmosphere
Echoes of Somnia is like a fusion of trance, ambient and New Age music. Fans of Amethystium will feel right at home. Compared to the “original” songs, the instrumental echo mixes are more dreamy and chilled – even though the atmosphere is mostly the same (a vocal and synth have different qualities).

The first track, At Sea – Echo Mix, sets the mood perfectly – but is quickly overshadowed by the glorious no. 2, Unearthed. It has the same positive drive as Longing for Orpheus’ biggest hit AetherSpark. The melody takes hold of you immediately, and will not let you go until you have heard it all. The synth reminds me of old computer games, and it is hard to believe that such a fragile sound can carry such a powerful melody. The flute part in the middle is a great effect, before the masterful theme starts over again. Awesome!

I also very much like another of the new songs, Tracing Inspiration. The build-up is magnificent. Other great songs are the Enigma inspired Ivory Towers – Echo Mix. I must also mention, Broken Down – Echo Mix, which has a great piano melody.

In conclusion; Echoes of Somnia is a fantastic compilation. The Echo mixes are great for both old and new listeners – and the new material makes it into a complete release.

Score: 93/100 – See how I rate music here.

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