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Longing For Orpheus – Somnia review


somniaInstrumental synth music will never be as popular as music with vocals. Many people need a vocal in order to appreciate a song. The album Somnia by Longing for Orpheus is filled with great vocals and fantastic synths. Its beautiful ethereal sound makes Somnia into an album that’s easy to recommend, both for vocal and instrumental music fans. That is a rare combination. 

Longing for Orpheus is a music project by Derek Smootz. On Somnia there are vocals by many talented singers; Rebecca Smootz, Lisa Alexander, Michelle Haché, Heather McCrocklin, Meredith Ruduski and Derek Smootz himself. Longing for Orpheus’ style will appeal especially to fans of Amethystium. New Age music enthusiasts will not be disappointed either.

Ethereal Sound
My favorite song is A Room Full of Stars. The angelic vocal is beautiful beyond words. The light piano and synth is equally impressive. The Walk is more pop inspired, and shows that this is a very versatile artist. The song At the Ending has nice (but sad) lyrics.

If you enjoy this album, make sure to check out Echoes of Somnia album too. It is a collection of instrumental remixes of songs from Somnia and other albums by this fine artist.

Simply put; Somnia is a great release. Fantastic vocals and nice melodies give it a unique atmosphere. If you think there are too few vocals in New Age music, you must add this album to your collection.

Score: 90/100

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