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Matteo Palmer – Out of Nothing review



Any piece of great art tells something unique about both the past and the future. 17 years old Matteo Palmer’s debut album is a remarkable steel string guitar release, inspired by the sound of Windham Hill Records and produced by Will Ackerman. This fusion of yesterday’s and tomorrow’s music is simply not to miss.

In New Age music we desperately need new talents. We need artists that can stand on the stage and play an instrument. The genre is at the moment dominated by artists who debuted in the 1970s and 80s. Last year’s Grammy winner, Omar Akram, will soon be 50, but is still considered to be a “new” artist. How can a 17 year old make it among these dinosaurs? New Age music is obviously not a young man’s game. Answer: By being like Matteo Palmer.

From nothing came everything
Out of Nothing is the album’s name, and it is different in many ways. Matteo Palmer is most importantly an incredible guitarist. You just have to listen to a track or two, or see the below video, to realize how gifted he is. He already has much of the technique of a world class guitarist. The steel string guitar on the album is also, thanks to Mr. Ackerman, recorded to absolute perfection. This makes the album stand out among the many albums today that are not recorded in a professional studio. Another aspect is Matteo Palmer’s song writing skills. He might be 17 years old, but his material is mature. His age is not stopping him from delivering an album filled with musical poetry and deep emotions. Or to quote Mr. Ackerman:

His [Matteo Palmer’s] pieces are not exercises in ego, but compositions of emotional depth employing skills learned and honed in order to be able to express himself eloquently as an artist

Tracks like Autumn and Family Portrait show just how far Matteo Palmer has come. I wouldn’t have guessed that this was the work of a 17 year old. Still I think that we in the years to come will see Matteo grow even more as an artist and songwriter. Other tracks, like Journey of the wandering minstrel and Ribbon Candy, have a more youthful vibe.

It is a pleassure to welcome Matteo Palmer into the world of New Age music, and may this be the start of a long career. Age aside, Out of Nothing is an album most guitarists would be proud of.

I must add that it is not only for New Age music fans. A great steel string guitar album has universal appeal.

Score: 92/100 – See how I rate music here.

Sample the album on CD Baby and do check out MatteoPalmerMusic.com. The album is also on high rotation on our web radio channel New Age Stars.