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Peter Sterling – Twilight Serenade review



I want to start this review with a heartfelt recommendation; Peter Sterling’s new album Twilight Serenade – Music for Dreaming contains some of the most beautiful and uplifting music I have heard in a long time. Especially the 17 minutes long Dream Catcher Suite is like tuning into an otherworldly, heavenly channel. Twilight Serenade is simply not to miss.

There’s too little harp music nowadays. No other instrument has such elegance and beauty. Peter Sterling is among this genre’s best harp players, and when you get to know his music you’ll see that it is just as much for healing as it is for enjoyment.

True harp magic

Twilight Serenade is a seven track album. It is also the name of the 10 minutes long opening track. It is also the name of the first track. The melody builds up slowly for 4-5 minutes, and then we get a very colorful conclusion. The arrangement is amazing.

The song Walk with Me is musical story telling at its best. You can sense many conflicting emotions, and you have to keep listening to know how it ends. Peter Sterling uses improvisation, which give the melodies a natural flow. This feels refreshing in a world of over processed, heavily sequenced music.

I must also mention the song A Mother’s Love, with its beautiful sounds of nature and great effects.

The album is great up to this point, but the true masterwork is the Dream Catcher Suite. It is like a music version of a Salvador Dalí painting. There are just so many interesting details; the ghostly opera singer in the intro, the rhythm and flow throughout, the flute and guitar – and, on center stage, Peter’s harp. It’s magnificent! I didn’t know 17 minutes could fly by so fast. Perhaps I was dreaming the whole time?

Twilight Serenade – Music for Dreaming is a flawless album. It’s truly inspiring, and contains songs that might become modern classics. Just close your eyes. The sound of the harp do the rest.

Score: 94/100. See how I rate music here.

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