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Age of Echoes – Kingdom of the Sky review


kingdomoftheskySometimes it feels great to let the mind take flight and dream about the greatness and beauty of our planet and the universe beyond. When listening to music this is even easier. One excellent album for such high flying dreams is Kingdom of the Sky by Age of Echoes. Your mind is cleared for take off the minute you press play.

Age of Echoes is a two man project by Andrew Kinsella and David Stanton. Kingdom of the Sky is their second release on MG Music. Age of Echoes’ has an ambient mood that is both relaxing and reflective. Andrew Kinsella has one release on MG Music from before called Evolution (2008).

A Colorful Album
It is hard not to like this band’s style. The positive atmosphere created by the light guitar, synth pads and relaxing rhythm make this almost into a lounge album. But there are other elements here too (especially the main synth instruments) that are closer in style to music in nature shows than the background music in an upscale bar. Or in other words; Kingdom of the Sky is great for dreaming and relaxing (and not so much for drinking…)

I especially like track three, Taking Flight. It starts in a very uplifting way, and takes you on an enjoyable musical trip – like on an eagle’s wings. The positive atmosphere just have to be experienced. Time Lapse is also an excellent track.

It is easy to recommend the new album to Age of Echoes. Kingdom of the Sky is not the most complex album out there, but it is very well made and great both as background music and for active listening. Andrew Kinsella and David Stanton have done a great job – and this is a groud to follow in the future!

90/100 – See how I rate music here.

Also, sample the album here.