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Anthony Baskey – Aves Review


Birds have always been a source of inspiration for artists. To sing like a bird, or to be free as a bird, are two examples of why their nature often spark the creativity of artists. Anthony Baskey’s “Aves” is a high-flying, positive and upbeat album, taking us on an unforgettable voyage way up in the air. It is an experience you don’t want to miss. To quote David Attenborough; “Everybody likes birds”.

A graduate of Humber College and York University as a composition student, Anthony Baskey studied under theory masters, which led to his unique style of composition. He values his jazz studies and uses them as a foundation in his music, which allows for advanced harmonic structures and progressions. He founded Infinite Creations Studio with the release of “The Elysium Project,” the first within the “Harmony Through Conflict Series.” See a list of his albums on CD Baby.

This episode of Dream Mixtape is dedicated to Anthony Baskey:

A New Day
The “Aves” album opener is called “A New Day”. Birds seem to enjoy the morning more than any other creature on this planet, so the song is naturally cheerful and happy. I love Baskey’s mix of Smooth Jazz, Latin, and New Age music. It is an original take on all three genres, creating a fusion that’s both chilled and upbeat at the same time. The synth arrangement sounds fabulous; It is very colorful – like an exotic bird.

On the next track, we get to meet the fascinating Sophie. The laid-back guitar and slow rhythm paint a picture of an alluring and seductive woman – who probably is just waking up. The Latin feel is terrific. Getting to know Sophie more seems like a great plan for the day.

Morning Flight
If you are a bird or a pilot, I’m sure you’ll agree that few things are better than the day’s first take off. Baskey’s piece “Morning Flight” is a cool guitar-based song with delicate layers of synths and textures. It is quite short, less than three minutes, but it is an enjoyable song.

With “Two Can” the beat picks up. The song has a Bossa nova feel, lush pads, and heavenly voices. The piano sounds fresh and alive. Dancing to this would be a complete exercise. This piece is also quite short. If you are like me, you’ll find yourself looking for the replay button.

Sky Dance
Next up is “Sky Dance”. It has a gorgeous build-up and some quite surprising textures. The song is from start to finish a display in first-rate audio design. It gives the listener a feeling of being high up in the air.

The best song on “Aves” is the stylish “Coquette”. Light as a bird, it takes off and takes us on an unforgettable journey. The jazzy chords, light rhythm, and ambient melody create a soundscape perfect for lazy days. The guitar sounds fantastic, and the textures too are great. It is almost 6 minutes long, but time seems to fly while listening.

Loosie Goosie
Near the end, “Loosie Goosie” is a FAST song with some lovely female vocals in the background. Baskey has saved one of the best pieces for last; “The Wandering Albatross”. The touch of Jazz and Latin is gone, this album closer is all about New Age music and Chill. I like the build-up; it is like Baskey is zooming in on the albatross from a far distance. As the rhythm start, we see the bird close up and get to experience its lofty wandering. It is an homage to this impressive animal and a worthy finale.

In conclusion: “Aves” by Anthony Baskey is a fantastic and uplifting fusion of Jazz, Latin, and New Age music. Its carefree and optimistic vibe gives it broad appeal. Baskey’s love for birds shines through, and it works very well as a concept album. I’ll end where I started, with the David Attenborough quote; “Everybody likes birds”. I’m tempted to say; “Everybody will, given the chance, like “Aves” too”…

Score: 93/100 – See our scoring policy

“Aves” is available on CD Baby.