Crystalline Dream – Seventh Chakra Review


One of the essential qualities of meditation music is its ability to transport the listener to another dimension. The music gives you access to another world, a sphere just for you – far from the troubles of everyday life. Crystalline Dream’s new release “Seventh Chakra” has this quality in abundance. The album is a voyage of subconscious visions and mysterious energy fields. Close your eyes, and the music will take you there. “Seventh Chakra” is a superb addition to Crystalline Dream’s discography.

“Seventh Chakra” is Crystalline Dream’s fourth album. The others are “Alchemy” (2016), “Journeyman” (2014) and “Threshold” (2006). Crystalline Dream consists of Richard Ross (Keyboards, Synthesizers, Flutes, Recorders, Voice), Korey Ross (Guitars, Vocal Percussion), Peter Phippen (Shakuhachi, Bansuri, Bamboo Flutes) and Alex Kelly (Cello).

This episode of Chill Guru is dedicated to “Seventh Chakra”:

A usual critique of meditation music (and New Age music in general) is that it is dull, uninspired and harmless. Well, “Seventh Chakra” is not like that at all. It is an album with a sharp edge, more hard-hitting than a compilation of hard rock songs. It is an inspired voyage through the seven energy centers of the body. Sometimes you don’t have to scream to make an impression.

“Grounding” is the album opener. It starts with the sound of water. Then a powerful and charged soundscape rises from the watery silence. Its atmosphere is not what one expects from a meditation album, not at all. It is warm, wild, and untamed. It feels real and bare. Whatever you were doing five minutes ago, is long forgotten. The only thing that matters is this place, this far-away planet, that instantly starts channeling your energies. I love the guitar and I found myself almost expecting a Jim Morrison-like vocalizations. The ambiance feels strangely threatening and healing at the same time.

Sensual Waters
After such a forceful “grounding”, the intro to “Sensual Waters” – a squishy metallic sound – make you imagine that this is some kind of landing. The planet that unfolds before our inner eye is desolate and bare. The only guide is Peter Phippen’s haunting flute, distant like a wolf’s lonely cry in the night. It seems like a prehistoric place that can feel it with every fiber of your body, it is sensual. There’s a strange, primal energy here. It is very potent.

“Inner Will” continues where “Sensual Waters” left off. The song describes an epic battle between good and evil. It is a dark soundscape, very dark. But if you listen carefully, you’ll pick up its positive and hopeful vibe. It is not something for the faint of heart. I love the ambient melody that seems to float on top of the layers upon layers of well-crafted synths. Suddenly a distorted flute and a guitar are heard, guided along by a train-like rhythm. Korey Ross’ guitar sounds fantastic, and the sound design is flawless.

Unstruck Heart
After the battle of “Inner Will” is won, the “Unstruck Hear” takes us into a sphere of relaxation and positive emotions. There’s a bright flute in the beginning, as if underlining that this is a friendly, warm space. No negative emotions can reach us here. “Unstruck Heart” is a more classical meditation song, focusing on wellbeing and recharging the batteries.

“Inner Voice” contains both cello and some nice female vocalizations. Here is an inner voice worth listening to. Alex Kelly’s cello sounds terrific on this song and the next, “Subconscious.” It is a fabulous piece, taking us on a journey deep down into an unknown territory of the mind. The cello is the guiding star. Without it, we’ll be lost down here in subconscious nothingness.

“A Thousand Petals of Light” concludes the album. From silence rises a majestic force, something that’s all around you. It is a soundscape that’s so alive, so vibrant, that it feels more real than life itself. It is pure energy. We have reached the highest level, the magnificent seventh chakra. What a ride!

In conclusion: We have in the past compared Crystalline Dream with Tangerine Dreams and the Berlin school. “Seventh Chakra” is in many ways a new direction for Crystalline Dream. As much as we loved the previous sound, “Seventh Chakra” feels more modern and relevant. Indeed, songs like “Grounding” and “Sensual Waters” are genuinely cutting-edge, exploring new territories for meditation music. “Seventh Chakra” is a fabulous release. But don’t take my word for it; try for yourself and feel the energies flowing, guided by this inspired piece of music.

Score: 96/100 – See our scoring policy

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