John Adorney – The Fire in The Flint review



After years as a radio host I can easily say if a song or album will lit a spark among my audience. One album that I feel certain that you will like is John Adorney’s new release The Fire in the Flint. It is heartwarming music that will brighten up any gray and cold day.

If anyone on the New Age music scene today were to create an international top hit (a Moonlight Shadow-ish hit for instance), my money would be on John Adorney. His music is a mix between easy listening, pop and New Age music. It is simply beautiful sound design, that could reach far beyond the New Age music crowd. The Fire in the Flint is Adorney’s sixt release on the Eversound label.

Great melodies
The opening track, Endless Rain, is an incredibly catchy song. A lot of bad weather will not hurt you if you let this song set your mood. It has a beautiful vocal by Daya. I found myself clicking the repeat button several times.
The next song is the title track. Here Adorney is closer to instrumental New Age music, which of course pleases this reviewer. Third track, Aliho Noun/The Path is Open, is another winner. The arrangement is fresh and positive, and the ethnic vocal gives the song a great atmosphere. A Moment Noticed has a fantastic acoustic sound, and you can feel that Adorney and friends have had a great time in the studio. The Admiration 2012 remix is upbeat and well made.
A themed album?
As usual, Adorney focuses more on the qualities of each song than on the album as a whole (if he was a writer this would be a collection of short stories, not a novel). I would love to see an Adorney album with a theme from start to finish.

The Fire in the Flint is among John Adorney’s best album and shows that he is one of our genre’s top performers. Even endless rain seems OK when Adorney is in charge of the melody.

92 /100 – see how we score music here.
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