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Lucie Lynch – The Four Elements (Guided Meditation)


As inhabitants of the Information Age, we have access to almost every piece of literature, music and films ever released. Yet somehow, nearly all of it is superficial and shallow in nature. It doesn’t tell us anything remotely existential or makes us appreciate the beauty and magic of the Earth, universe or creation itself. This is perhaps why the guided meditation “The Four Elements” by Lucie Lynch feels so profoundly different and genuine. The four meditations, which feature music composed by Daniel Gilad, make us see – and feel – how everything is connected. We stand “barefoot, touching the Earth” as Lynch puts it. “The Four Elements” offers a remarkable and incredibly inspiring listening experience with almost limitless replay value.

Today marks the release of “Earth”. The rest of “The Elements” will be released later this Fall.

Lucie Lynch is a Singer-Songwriter, Vocal Artist, Sound Healer and Playwright. She studied theatre and musical in Germany at the Schauspielstudio (University of Performing Arts) in Hamburg, Germany. She wrote, produced and performed the one-woman musical called “Gabrielle’s Universe” and the musical “Money Talks: But What the Hell is it Saying?” (with Marcia Zina Mager). She is a member of the band Lucie & The Perfect Wave together with Canadian slack-key guitarist Michael Tanenbaum and Swedish heavy-metal guitarist Nick Gertsson. The band released “Alive” (https://lucielynch.bandcamp.com/album/alive-ep ) in June 2018, an EP which was featured extensively here on New Age Music Radio. Lynch currently lives in Honolulu.

“Earth” starts gently. We hear a soft synth and drums that get closer and closer before Lucie Lynch’s unique vocal comes on. It is as if she sings the songs of Mother Earth herself. Then the singing bowls are center stage. This is the intro to the first part of the meditation. “You are the Earth,” Lynch says. “You are connected through breath. ” It is a powerful and possibly life-changing statement. Recognizing this is a big step towards a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle. It also points towards the last part of the meditation, “Air”, which creates a circle. We hear birds singing and sounds of nature. As the guided meditation stops, a delicate synth and beat rise from the silence. The sound is almost organic. The sound of a laughing child is also nice, making us remember that we are all children of this planet.

I’m not going to give any spoilers regarding the ending. Experience it for yourself:

If you are on Spotify, here’s the guided meditation. The first part is out today.

Leigh Hunt said that “Fire is the most tangible of all visible mysteries”. This sense of mystery is also very much a part of the guided meditation called “Fire”. It starts with quite sharp strings before the guided meditation starts. We learn of how fire can have a cleansing ability, and we are urged to throw all negative emotions into the fire.

The sound design here is spectacular; the crackling of the fire, the intensity of the synths and the whole atmosphere will make even a cold room feel warm. The ending with piano is nothing short of incredible. It is a perfect illustration of fire’s life-giving – and destructive – capabilities. “BURN! BURN! FIRE BURN! Take away what’s no longer inside. ” Brilliant, just brilliant!

After “Fire”, “Water” feels cleansing and cool. The singing bowls sound wonderful. I also enjoy the guided meditation, making the river landscape come to life all around us.

The sounds of nature combined with the synth is incredibly refreshing. It is all it has to be; inspired, loving and gentle at the same time. Follow the mediation, and you will feel that you are a part of that flowing water.

“Air” completes the mediation. It makes you feel that your oxygen levels are rising by merely listening. The “breathe in, breathe out” fits beautifully with the soundscape. Lynch knows what she is doing, guiding us higher and higher. Gilad’s synths are also terrific, from the arp effects, the sounds of breathing to the use of filters. It is all wonderfully airy. “Air gives you life” says Lynch. “It is clear fuel for your body.“

Yet again I’m amazed by the singing bowls. I like how they are used here; how they cut in and takes us somewhere else. First, we are way up in the air, then suddenly it cuts in and Lynch says “Imagine yourself on a green field.” Usually, this would be a too sharp move, but here it just works.

The ending of “Air” takes us safely back on firm ground. “Just breathe and be air” is the final advice. I learned more from that last sentence alone, then from a whole stack of self-help books.

In conclusion: I started this review by saying that we who live in the Information Age have access to so much information. Yet, most of it seems shallow and almost meaningless compared to truly existential works of art like “The Four Elements”. People living thousands of years ago would most likely understand little or nothing of the entertainment we consume every day – but “The Four Elements” would be understandable for every human being who has ever lived. How it connects the elements and makes us experience (and respect!) them all, is truly astonishing.

Each part of the project seems inspired, from the lyrics and sound bowls, to the synths, mixing and mastering. Just like the elements themselves, these components play together in perfect harmony. Lucie Lynch and Daniel Gilad have delivered a rich and powerful guided meditation, urging us to remember who we are; we who have inherited this beautiful and abundant planet. There is a deep-rooted sense of responsibility in that, believing and remembering that We are One. Highly recommended! 

“Earth” is available now on Bandcamp. For more information and music samples, visit lucielynchmusic.com