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Marc Enfroy – Surrounded Review


Marc Enfroy’s music is never ‘just’ music. It is epic and cinematic in style, bold and uncompromising – yet unpretentious and genuine. His new album is called “Surrounded”. It takes the listener on a Homeric voyage to far-away locations, from New Zealand to Iceland. It is a remarkable and unforgettable journey, and easily one of 2019’s best New Age music releases.

Marc Enfroy is one of the most popular and beloved New Age music artists. He debuted in 2008 with “Unbounded”, and has in total released five albums – the most recent being the dark and personal “Crossroads” (2016). Half of the music on “Surrounded” is co-written by his wife, Sharon.

Aotearoa (Album Version)
Our voyage starts in New Zealand, or Aotearoa as it is called in the Maori language. It means “land of the long white cloud”. Strings lay the foundation, before the piano and a nice selection of synths join in. “Aotearoa” is filled with mystique. There are powers here hidden right under the surface. Enfroy paints a stunning picture of nature, dramatic and beautiful at the same time. It is a fabulous album opener!

The guided tour continues. Next, we find ourselves in Iceland. “Land of Fire and Ice”, starts gently. Suddenly though, everything changes, and we realize that this song is quite hard-hitting. It is a marvelous musical representation of Iceland’s many extremes – from active volcanoes to glaciers. It is one of Enfroy’s most exquisite pieces ever. It would fit nicely in an epic Hollywood production. Bravo!

Lavande de Provence
The next stop on this trip is in France. Here we enjoy a lavender-blossoming landscape in Provence, “Lavande de Provence”. It is breathtakingly beautiful and the strings sound incredible. I like how the song is not just pretty; it is grand, massive. It makes for a very interesting listen.

There’s something about rain in a medieval city. Stone castles and buildings fade into a low, gray sky. Now we are in Kilkenny, a town in southeast Ireland, and the rain is pouring down. “Kilkenny Rain” is a quite sad piece. I love the melody and how it develops. Talking about great songs, Enfroy has another masterpiece on par with “Land of Fire and Ice” for us; “Flight of the Monarch”. The song is inspired by the monarchs’ annual migration from the USA/Canada to Mexico. You can sense from the atmosphere how the brave butterfly is under immense pressure from climate change. It is a beautiful and important piece.

Northern Lights
“Surrounded” is an album of many changes. “Northern Lights” has a nice ambient touch and a catchy rhythm. “Castle Corvin” takes us to Romania to explore the castle’s dramatic history, before we are back in New Zealand on “Lake Tekapo”. It is a gentle and relaxing song.

Enfroy has saved a brilliant piece for the ending of the album; “The Initiatic Wells” has a larger-than-life atmosphere and a remarkable melody. The short “Lover’s Leap” is almost like an intro to “The Mississippi”. Our long voyage is over, and we are safely back home, enjoying the view of the majestic river.

In conclusion: In a globalized world, where you can travel anywhere on the planet reasonably easy, it seems mandatory to go places if you want to describe them in art. But that is not the case. Marc Enfroy’s “Surrounded” is a triumph of the imagination. He describes these far-away places better and more visual than globetrotting bloggers and travel agencies. “Surrounded” is a new pillar in Enfroy’s already impressive discography that will live long in any playlist.

Score: 97/100 – See our scoring policy

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