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Midori – Incense 1 & 2 review


I’m always a bit skeptical to one-track albums in the meditation/spa/relaxation category. Often there is so little variation that it feels like the artist could have shortened it all down to a 5 minute track. But Incense 1 & 2 by Midori are not like that at all. Here there is as much variation in sound as on any “ordinary” album.

Of course, many thinks that meditation and relaxation albums should be less complex. They feel that too many melodic elements and a rhythm will disturb their meditation. But here I focus on the artistic aspect, and it is much easier to cut and paste segments over and over instead of filling the album from start to finish with interesting music. (And meditation albums don’t have to be boring, just check out Tony Scott’s classic from 1964 – Music for Zen Meditation).

incenseGot to love Midori

Midori is Medwyn Goodall’s meditation music project. I’m always amazed by his melodic focus, and Incense 1 & 2 are not different. It is pure and simple great craftsmanship. The Incense series it is the best in the Midori project so far. After well over 100 albums, Medwyn is still giving us interesting and inspiring music.

Some parts of the albums are inspired by the sound of the East, while other parts have a more electronic sound. The albums have a great drive and one segment floats effortlessly into the next. The rhythm is great throughout both albums. Incense 2 is my favorite, because it has some really great melodic elements, especially during the first 15-20 minutes.

Incense 1 & 2 are simply put great albums. They are positive and uplifting, and are perfect as background music for both study and relaxation. Highly recommended.

Sample Incense 1 here, and Incense 2 here.