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Perpetual Motion – Dance of Two Souls Review



Perpetual Motion’s new album “Dance of Two Souls” is a celebration of everything good life has to offer; love, dance, summer, health, and good company. Their magic is in the mix of genres and emotions, creating a sound that is both complex and upbeat. No day feels grey and cold while listening to “Dance of Two Souls.” It is their most personal album to date. Highly recommended!

The people behind Perpetual Motion are classically trained violin player Josie Quick and rock guitarist Tom Carleno. Their music is a fusion of Central and South American folk, progressive jazz, and blues. Perpetual Motion has released seven albums (the career retrospective, “Rear View,” was released in 2017). Ten years ago, Josie was diagnosed with lupus and seriously wondered if she would need to find a new career. There were many times where playing her violin was near impossible, but she made sure to pick it up every day and make her fingers do something, no matter how small. “Dance of Two Souls” is their first release of new music since that diagnosis. Tom won Best Instrumental Album at the 2014 Zone Music Awards for “Perfect Imperfection.”

This episode of Dream Mixtape is dedicated to Perpetual Motion & “Dance of Two Souls”:

“Sunsplash” is one of those songs that instantly seems to connect with your soul – and stays there. It is a fabulous piece. It has a very welcoming atmosphere. I like how it brings out the best of both the violin and the guitar. We are dancing from the very first note!

A small correction; yes, this is an album about love, dance, summer, and good company – but it is not sugar sweet. Life is not a dance on roses, it can be a struggle. “Diabla” adds colors and contrasts. Here’s a fight between good and evil. Doing the right thing can be a challenge sometimes. The good wins, because the next piece is called “The Happy Song.” Its carefree atmosphere is terrific. I like the hint of melancholy, which indicates that even a carefree song can contain some degree of worries and problems – they are simlpy not relevant in this joyous moment. There’s a lot of life wisdom in that.

Déjà vu
Moving on, “Déjà vu” has, as implied by the title, a feeling of a surprising rediscovery. It is incredible how Perpetual Motion can take a quick moment of realization and turn it into a song. Bravo!

The title track is, not surprisingly, one of the most beautiful pieces on the album. I like how the violin and the guitar are “talking” to each other – or perhaps dancing is a better word. Both get a solo and a time in the limelight before they play passionately together in the end. The romantic vibe is easy to pick up.

Troublant Bolero
The dance doesn’t end there. This part of the album is all about movement and how it says something profound about life and existence. “Troublant Bolero” is a treasure chest for any dancing couple. Notice how the intro and ending are the same, nicely building attention. Then we are introduced to the very colorful “Dos Gringos.” Say what you want, but they are not dull!

My favorite song on the album is “Viaje Del Corazon” because we really get to appreciate what superb artists Josie Quick and Tom Carleno are. It also has a nice build-up and an ultra-light rhythm. “Swinging Cats” and the “Summertime” cover are nice treats too, making you think “Where Does the Time Go?” – which happens to be the title of the next song.

Nearer the end, we are introduced to the enigmatic “Esmeralda”. Slowly we get to know her better, and a danceable beat rises quickly from the slow rhythm as things get more interesting. It is a brilliant piece! “Por Causa De Voce” sums up the album nicely. Both the guitar and the violin shine here; if they had legs, they would be dancing.

In conclusion: Finally, we have a new album by Perpetual Motion! “Dance of Two Souls” a celebration of life. It seems more personal, more intimate, than their previous releases. When it is done playing, don’t be surprised if you find yourself looking for the replay button. Life’s too short to say no to another “Dance of Two Souls.”

Score: 95/100 – see our scoring policy

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