The Nexion-Project – Voices of the Ascension review


Voices+of+the+Ascension+VotA_front_600In our busy and hectic world it is no wonder that relaxation music is getting more and more popular. It helps the listener to find a sense of peace and serenity. One such album is Voices of the Ascension by The Nexion-Project. It is an extremely relaxing album, filled with bright melodies and positivity. To listen to what the Voices of the Ascension have to say is something I recommend to everyone.

Many artists try to emulate the sound of Enigma, but very few does it successfully. It is like they try to use a sound that is not theirs. The Nexion-Project is different. Fans of the Enigma sound will feel right at home, no doubt about that – while Nexion-Project’s artistic expression is truly unique. The arrangement is fresh, rhythmic and melodic.

Yet again this reviewer is amazed by the synth work and attention to details in this music project. The man behind it all is Hungarian Török Zoltán.

The songs flow like one track, which makes the album great for relaxation, reading or studying. On CDBaby it is labeled as New Age Music: Spiritual. But don’t let that scare you; the larger-than-life qualities are most noticeable in the intro, which consists of three tracks (Dawn, Pasing Time and The Second World). The rest is closer to easy listening and Enigma’s crossover Pop/New Age Music. The album can be used both as background music and for active listening. My favorite tracks are Breath and Seventh Sign.

Voices of the Ascension is a marvelous release, that is as relaxing as it is uplifting. Its sound design is done by a true master. If you are looking for a relaxation album, look no further. When you listen to Voices of the Ascension, you will be lifted to a state of true relaxation.
Score: 93 / 100

Sample the album here