Tune into the Medwyn Goodall Show


In February Medwyn Goodall launched a podcast. Now a good number of episodes have been made available, both free and in subscription. The podcast is great for anyone who wants to learn more about this fascinating artist and his creative process. It also features other artists from the MG Music label; Runestone, Wychazel and Jon Richards.  

Medwyn is a great podcast host – very positive and friendly – and it is really a wonder why he didn’t start doing this years ago.

In this podcast there are, as mentioned above, both free and paid episodes. The subscription costs 2,45 £ a month (approx. 3,8 $). As a paying member you get three complete Midori albums, plus selected tracks by Medwyn & friends. It is of course a nice addition to the podcast, and gives the subscription more value.

The podcast is delivered through a page called Podbeam, and you can listen to it on their dedicated app, in iTunes – or simply download it as mp3 files. The system works flawless, although I think it is a bit strange that Medwyn simply didn’t just use his ordinary mp3-store to deliver this (but I guess it has something to do with the podcast hosting and iTunes integration).

Here’s are the first few episodes (free):

Music streaming is great for music fans, but it is currently not a sustainable model for artists. Here various kinds of subscription models might give artists more income. The goal is to give the dedicated fan a premium experience. Medwyn Goodall’s new podcast is a great example of how this can be done. More artists should start podcasting immediately. After all, they have the equipment they need to make the recordings…

You’ll find the podcast here. The subscription is highly recommended for any New Age music fan!