Acoustic Ocean – Reflections on Still Water


Reflections on Still Water is the second release from Acoustic Ocean, released in 2010. Like many of the relaxing destinations of Hawaii where the musicians reside and the song titles suggest, becomes a restful retreat into music that tells of the natural beauty one would experience on the islands for themselves.

By John P. Olsen

Since the founding team members of Acoustic Ocean are skilled therapists and all four performers on the album live in Hawaii, their unique perspective with daily experiences of island living have helped recreate the relaxing atmosphere for you. Reflections on Still Water is a New Age, Contemporary Instrumental album retaining a great sense of calm by nine original compositions and one spiritual melody of instrumental beauty that is clearly prominent from the very beginning.

Note: the album is apparently not available on Spotify (that’s why there is no preview) – but you will find it on Apple Music:

Peggy Morgan and Bette Phelan, as the former folk singer-songwriting duo Morgan & Phelan, toured together for 20 years performing in the US and abroad at a wide variety of venues that numbers in the thousands. Their music has been featured on television along with acquiring widespread radio airplay, receiving awards and notoriety over the years before founding the New Age artist title we recognize today.

The year 2008 first marked the beginning of Acoustic Ocean and while the genre may have changed, their style in creating original works of relaxing music has fortunately remained constant. Peggy and Bette are both certified Kripalu Yoga teachers, therapists and have specialized skills in many areas related to stress management so their better living skills enabled a well-suited entrance into the New Age genre.

On this album, the team has enlisted Kay Aldrich playing cello on three songs and Anne Berliner on flute in one song which turns their wonderful instrumentation into another perspective of beauty.

The album cover shown in Reflections on Still Water gives you a visual hint of the elemental beauty you will hear, plus with the primary instrumentals of Celtic harp, Dulcimer, mandolin, acoustic guitar and fretless bass, the mental images of this restful destination reflect an even clearer picture, translating into a relaxing sound experience all within easy reach of the imagination.

Their most recent albums are Chimes of the Spirit (2013) and Blue Moon Rising (2018).

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