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Best New Age Music Releases 2017


2018 is here, but before we move on; these are Newagemusic.guide’s top album picks from 2017.

2017 has been yet another amazing year to follow New Age music! The number of releases is still very high, and there are so many dedicated and talented artists out there. This year too our editor, BT Fasmer, has sampled every album filed as New Age music on iTunes, and these titles made the most impression:

In our review we wrote:

A new generation of artists have entered the New Age music scene. They are young, talented and extremely dedicated. Names here are Ricky Kej, White Sun’s Gurujas, Nitish Kulkarni and John Burke. John’s last album, “Orogen”, was Grammy nominated last year.

On his new album, “Superstratum”, John Burke takes us on an epic voyage, from the depth of the earth and into space. It is yet another proof that John is one of the new superstars in New Age music.

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Congratulations, John. We are lucky to have you in our genre!

Every genre needs a supergroup. With FLOW we finally have such a group in New Age music! I’m happy to report that their self-titled debut album is worthy of the «super» tag too. «FLOW» is a reminder of what made New Age music into an international phenomenon in the late 1980s, while at the same time showing why this genre is still relevant today.

FLOW consists of Australian pianist Fiona Joy, acoustic guitarist Lawrence Blatt, flugelhorn player Jeff Oster and Grammy Award-winning guitarist Will Ackerman. We must also mention Tom Eaton, who has produced the album together with Will at Imaginary Road Studios – and the magnificent Tony Levin on bass. With such a line-up, it is no wonder many New Age music fans have had high hopes for this release.

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With “Return to Ommadawn” Mike Oldfield is back in his right element!

This is the follow-up to 1975’s “Ommadawn”, his 26th studio album. This is for sure one of Mike’s best albums in a very long time. It is a must-have for all fans, new and old.

Simply put, a masterpiece. It made 2017 truly unique.

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With that out of the way, 2018 here we go!


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