Enigma 8: E8 – What to expect


Michael Cretu working on E8 on Merlin, his mobile studio

Enigma’s eight album – E8 (no official title is known yet) – is due to be released this autumn. As of writing not much is known about the release, but there are a few hints that might indicate what Michael Cretu has in store for us. All I can say; Enigma fans – be very excited!

The eight album in the Enigma project is being made on Merlin, a mobile studio. Michael says:

“While working on Enigma 7 [Seven Lives Many Faces] I decided to even further reduce my vision of a ‘studio in a box’,” Michael Cretu explains. “With the launch of the Euphonix Artist Control I could get rid of the many physical channels I wasn’t using anyhow. Also, their seamless integration with digital sequencers including Apple’s Logic Pro reduced the need for unnecessary extensive equipment.”

At the moment Enigma’s homepage, Enigmamusic.com, is filled with inspiring statements made by fans. This is part of the social media marketing campaign, which is laying the groundwork for the upcoming release. But before this, in February 2015, we got the first solid proof of E8; which was this picture:


My suggestion is that this medieval gate, and the distant voices heard on the webpage, might indicate that time will be a topic on E8. The music project is now 25 years old, and this would be a great time for Michael to revisit its roots. The number 8 is also vital as an infinity symbol. This album will be all about Enigma’s legacy.

Enigma 8 – E8 – The Legacy

If I’m right, this is what we’ll get:

A return to the style of E1-E3 – but updated in a way only Michael can. I’m not saying that we’ll “MCMXC a.D.” styled Gregorian chant – but that would have been cool! Michael invented this sound on the “MCMXC a.D.” album, which since has been copied by thousands of artists – but he himself has never really returned to «the Enigma style».

The album will be more chill, less pop. The style of E7, “Seven Lives Many Faces”, will be highly modified. More deep synth pads, more focus on electronic segments, in order to recreate some of the E1-E3 sound – while certaing something new as well.

Michael has had some really rough experiences since the last release (as explained in this article), so it wouldn’t surprise me if the album will have a more faster and angry edge – a bit like “Modern Crusaders” perhaps.

Each new Enigma album is like a new chapter. Michael always wants to create something new and unique, using state-of-the-art studio technology. Hopefully E8 also will have a fresh and different feel. That said, it would be great with some reflections on «the Enigma sound».

Sometimes this autumn we’ll know. One thing is certain; it will be exciting!