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Enya – On My Way Home – 7″ single version


“On My Way Home” originally appeared as the final track on Enya’s “Memory Of Trees” album, released in 1995. The 7″ single version is now available digitally for the first time.

Here are all the rereleased singles, including “7 Edit of “On My Way Home”:

If you’re not on Spotiy: Find the single on your streaming service: https://lnk.to/OnMyWayHome

In other Enya related news; “Anywhere Is” is now available in wonderful 4k:

Enya.com is still mysteriously down – and has been for 141 days (and counting). It is strange that her webpage has not been updated with news about the above-mentioned singles, and of course the “Christmas Secrets” playlist. We believe that a new album is well underway, and a Fall release is not unlikely. That said, we don’t know anything certain.

Time will tell. Only time. 

Source: OfficialEnya/Facebook