myndstream Summer Song Flight


Today marks the release of myndstream’s Summer Song Flight. It consists of six tracks. Though they are being released separately, they are all part of the same body of work. It offers a radical and refreshing twist on the old album/single perspective. When you get to know the release, you will see that a new way of releasing music takes shape. It is a concept where every track counts even more than before, both as a part and a whole.

If you have read New Age Music Guide the last week, you already know that these are the singles that are the myndstream’s Summer Song Flight:

# 1

“You learn the most when you are out on the edge,” American mountaineer Jim Whittaker said. Listening to The Edge by Eamonn Karran, we experience how it feels standing at the top of the world. 

The Edge is a composition shaped around grief and loss, a reflection of one of our most painful emotions,” says Karran “It depicts despair but also hope, interweaving shades of darkness and light through soft piano melodies and sweeping synth textures…”

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# 2

From playful and positive to progressive and passionate, Michael Whalen’s new Phonic is an extremely expressive and, in many ways, groundbreaking single. Michael is always trying new things in the studio, and Phonic is no exception.

In a world where myriads of synth sounds are available by the push of a button, I’m always amazed by how Michael manages to stay ahead of the curve and sound different and fresh every time. We saw that last year with the release of Sacred Spaces and the 2021 releases, Future ShockPhonic is in the same league, raising the bar for all other artists out there. And the most interesting part: It is not about state-of-the-art synths, but storytelling and understanding the time we live in.

Phonic takes the temperature on the post-Covid19 era and emphasizes the importance of listening. It is a piece of great advice, I think.

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# 3

Some music is so visual that you can almost “see” it. I think it takes the listening experience to new heights as it ignites your imagination. Carl Borden’s “Good Morning Light” has this rare quality in abundance.

Take my word for it; Waking up to this inspired piece of music is amazing! Give it a go and you will see that it is a musical carpe diem of the highest order.

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# 4

Michelle Qureshi’s new single is called Night of a Thousand Stars. While the single is less than three minutes long, it perfectly captures the magic of a starlit night. The stars are in many ways our connection with the cosmos, witnesses in the night that follow our every step. Qureshi has delivered a positive and thought-provoking single that will make even a cold night warm and memorable.

Night of a Thousand Stars demands your attention, even though it is quiet and reflective. The first time I heard it, I had to put it on repeat, wanting to discover its every secret. It is a deeply moving piece of music.

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# 5

Chris Haugen’s new single Water to Land is light and refreshing. As old fans will know, Haugen is a master when it comes to describing life both in the sea and at the beach. It is a place to relax and slow down or get active; it is up to you!

Water to Land is not meant to be analyzed. It is simply about enjoying beach life and having fun. That in itself is an important message in a world plagued by stress and fear.

It is true what they say; Life takes you down many paths, but the favorite ones lead to the beach!

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# 6

We all dream about the summer. Both young and old want to travel, experience new things, relax and play without a worry in the world. Covid19 changed all of that. Ryan Judd’s new single The Lost Summer deals with how children react to this unusual situation. It is a sad but also hopeful piece that shows Ryan Judd’s brilliance as a guitarist and storyteller.

Judd’s music always has a unique warmth – and The Lost Summer is no exception. It makes a sad melody sound comforting. It is a healthy kind of sorrow. Also, notice the many details in Judd’s playing; he is an extremely technically skilled guitarist.

It is not all gloom and doom. It is only “the lost summer.” Now it is time to make plans for next year. It’s going to be the BEST summer ever! 😎

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I think you will agree with me that myndstream’s Summer Song Flight is, in sum, a terrific and fascinating body of music. I’m happy to report that the label has put a #1 in front of the title. Hopefully, that there will be more “flights” just like this!

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