Osmunda Music – Guided Meditations


Osmunda Music recently released two guided meditations. The programs are 10-12 minutes long, featuring easy to follow guidance accompanied by colorful patterns. Even in the myriad of similar programs on YouTube, the guided meditations by Osmunda Music stands out as no-nonsense videos that greet the listener like an old friend. Rebecca Trujillo Vest’s beautiful voice and the gentle synth arrangement create an atmosphere where true healing can occur.

Rebecca Trujillo Vest began singing and playing guitar in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in the early 1970s as a young girl. She moved to Los Angeles in the mid 90’s. Along with her husband, Michael Vest, she started the band Space Babies. They recruited John X Volaitis to help produce their studio albums, which include “Space Babies” (2009), “Spaceport” (2018), and “The Space Babies Show: A Song in a Day” (2018). Two Osmunda Music albums were released in 2019, “Munda” and “Love Will Overcome”. “Sending My Love” followed in 2020. Their latest single is an inspired and updated version of George Harrison’s “The Inner Light”. In my review, I wrote: “I’m tempted to say; if you give Osmunda Music three minutes of your time, you could know the ways of heaven.”

About the guided meditations, Rebecca Trujillo Vest says: “The ambition behind these meditations is to help bring inner peace and positive thoughts by managing stress with grace. ⁣ In a world where stress has become an epidemic, this guided meditation⁣ Will help clear the blocks to the presence of peace we all long for, to help amplify your heart, ⁣to help to welcome positive energy, to help you reach your full potential⁣. Remember to breathe!”

Guided Meditation 1 – Breathe to Relax

No. 1 is, in many ways, an introduction. It focuses on breathing and creating a positive environment, blocking out noises, and simply being; “breathe in life, breathe out resistance”. Rebecca’s voice is very calming and makes it easy to center. I very much like the presentation; the patterns are gorgeous, and the video is tastefully mixed.

I also think that the soundscape is very pleasant. The ambient chords in the background make you pay attention.

Guided Meditation 2 – Breathe Kindness

No. 2 is very much in tune with the artistic mission of Osmunda Music (as fans of their music will know). It is about kindness and how our actions affect ourselves and others. The program radiates love.

I found myself making a playlist of no. 1 and 2. (they play beautifully as one), in the hope that there will be more meditations just like this.

In conclusion: More is really less when it comes to guided meditations – which Osmunda Music here proves beyond all doubt. There is an honesty and positivity here that you can feel (notice that there are no Subscribe to this YouTube channel! or similar interruptions).

The above-mentioned programs work in two ways; they are a fantastic resource for fans of Osmunda Music, as they extend the listening experience. Simultaneously, the programs may create awareness about the group among people who don’t already know their albums. Either way, Osmunda Music has a message that we all can benefit from in this age of uncertainty and stress.

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