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The Song Gardeners – Harmony of Contrast


Thinking of people as works of art is an eye-opening experience! The Song Gardeners’ brand new single “Harmony of Contrast” is like a three-and-a-half-minute crash course in “human artworks” and how to interpret people around you. Using art theory such as size, shape, texture, and color, The Song Gardeners show how we can “live peacefully in a harmony of contrast.” The single is not only beautiful, catchy, and a new winner from this San Fransico Bay Area band, but also a deeply thought-provoking song that makes us see people around us in a new light. The “Wouldn’t life be dull and gray, if we all looked the same way?” stays with you for a long time.

The Song Gardeners is a band featuring Corrie Dunn and Mary Gospe. A year ago, they debuted with two original songs, “Love Flows” and “Sabbe Satta Sukhi Hontu” (May All Beings Be Well). Then they followed up with “Altered State,” “Love Is The Magic Of Change,” and “Warrior of Light.” In April, they released a song called “Reveal.” In my review, I wrote: “The single urges women to take control, let their voices be heard, and “reveal the stories of their lives.” It is a catchy and well-made pop song that will hopefully inspire women and serve as a reminder for men.”

Mary Gospe and Corrie Dunn

Harmony of Contrast
If you already are a fan, you’ll know that this is a good-natured and playful band. They are, at the same time, not afraid to address difficult social and political issues. Their topics are much more serious and hard-hitting than their sound, which makes the listener reflect.

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“Harmony of Contrast” has a highly danceable 70’s funk rhythm infused with 80’s pop. Mary Gospe’s vocal is brilliant as always. The moment she starts singing, the listener pays attention. I have liked the lyrics on all of the previous singles, but this time around, it is truly inspired. Check out the lyric video:

The chorus is incredible:

Like colorful pieces in the mosaic of life
We’re each unique shapes reflecting love and light
In an infinite mural painted on a sea of glass
We can live peacefully in a harmony of contrast
Harmony of contrast

It is, simply put, poetry.

Notice the many references to art and how every human on this planet is seen as a part of a “giant painting.” Talking about paintings: The one you see on the cover is called “Somewhere You Feel Free,” by Corinne Landphere, and is an homage to Tom Petty’s song “Wildflowers.”

With such powerful and inspiring lyrics, it is easy to miss all the other things that are going on. I have already mentioned the “70’s funk rhythm meets 80’s pop”, but just as important is the catchy melody. It is textbook hit material: 40 seconds of build-up and an equality long, well-crafted chorus, a bridge around 2 minutes and 20 seconds, and then repeat before the song goes in for a landing. In other words, perfect pop. This is a great place to mention that the single is produced by David Scheibner.

In conclusion, “Harmony of Contrast” by The Song Gardeners is a song that I wish were playing from every loudspeaker on the planet, especially now during LGBT History Month. Other songs by this fine band have been in the “important” category, but this one is universally essential. The key element is how we choose to see each other. In the same way as interpreting works of art, we must learn and practice our understanding of each other. In terms of the melody and arrangement, I love the playful atmosphere and well-made pop sound – which is both retro and modern. It is yet another proof that The Song Gardeners is the leading New Age Pop band out there.

So put on your “Harmony of Contrast” glasses and see how wonderful this world really is! 

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