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Medwyn Goodall – The Portal Review



Music is a portal. When playing your favorite song, you open a gate to powerful emotions, memories and stories. I’m sure that’s why Medwyn Goodall’s new album is called The Portal. Here he’s taking us on a voyage into a magical world. It truly is an unforgettable journey for both old and new fans.

This time Medwyn has selected some nice vintage synths that make me think of J. M. Jarre and Vangelis’ early works. The sound is perhaps a bit too “thin” here and there, though synth enthusiasts will not complain. It’s a clean and uncomplicated soundscape with some very fruity, 1970s rhythms.

Beautiful Portal
The title song is a three part piece. There a lot repeat here, so if I only were to listen to one, I would go for the almost 10 minute long ending song. It is a magnificent melody. Frequent use of sounds of nature is also nice (it is actually raining inside the portal. Bring an umbrella!)

Track two, Orbit, is a positive and upbeat tune. A New Paradigm is more thoughtful. I like the synth lead. The pluck style is both heavy and light at the same time. Track 6, named 11. 11., is the interlude between the two parts of The Event. It is a sharp and elegant song, clearly inspired by J. M. Jarre and Tangerine Dream.

The Event is a good example of Medwyn’s amazing melodic grasp. The build-up is very well made, and the song has a certain nerve. You just have to keep on listening.

Yet again Medwyn has given us a memorable album, unlike any of his previous 140+ releases. The Portal is far from his best though (new listeners should rather check out the Medicine Woman series, Way of the Dolphin or Druid), but a welcome addition to any Medwyn Goodall collection. Especially the vintage synth sound makes it into a must-have for the collector.

It is always interesting when a New Age music legend does something different. The Portal proves that Medwyn still has a lot to give. What a magnificent artist!

Score: 88/100 – See how I rate music here

You may sample the album on Medwyn Goodall’s homepage (scroll down for the samples)