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Joseph Nimoh – Conversations On Piano Review


The definition of instrumental music is “a musical composition or recording without lyrics, or singing”. Listening to Joseph Nimoh’s new album “Conversations On Piano” I’m no longer sure if this definition is accurate. The album is totally instrumental, yet Nimoh is able to make the melodies reflect the mood and expression of many interesting conversations. In other words; the piano is talking. Nimoh’s new release is a wonderful and thought-provoking album from start to finish.

Joseph Nimoh was born and raised in Ghana. He began playing piano at age 11 at his mom’s church. He later studied piano performance at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, and has released a total of five albums. Previous albums are “Quite Time in His Presence”, “Living Waters”, “Reflections” and “Piano Hymns”.

Anything For You
The album opener is called “Anything For You”. The gentle melody instantly connects with the listener. I love the hint of melancholy and the fact that a conversation where the topic is “anything for you” sounds just like this. There’s not a problem in the world, and everything will be arranged. It is a nice and warm love song.

Next piece is “Beautiful Melody”. I’m happy to report that the title truly fits the song. George Winston or David Lanz couldn’t have done it any better. Another beautiful melody is “Morning Dew”. You can almost smell and feel the freshness of the morning. Nimoh’s compositions are filled with life and colors.

Distant Land
“Conversations” is a key track; in a way it binds the album together. It is a fast and positive piece, imitating the atmosphere of an enthusiastic conversation between good friends. I could put on repeat all day. It is totally unpretentious and bright. In other words; pure solo piano heaven. Brilliant! “Distant Land” is an interesting shift in mood, a musical palate cleanser. “Don’t Be Discouraged”, “Happy Ending” and “His Plans Are Sure” take us back on a more positive – and talkative – track.

Sample “Conversations on Piano” here:  

Above I have focused on the “piano conversations”, but Nimoh has some dreamy and contemplative pieces in store for us too; “Like Yesterday”, “Peaceful Melody” and “Silent Prayers” are such songs. You just have to close your eyes, and the music will take you on a journey of the mind. “Sunday Morning Pondering”too has this wonderful vibe. My favorite song on the album is “Solitude”. It has a simple, chord-based style. The melody itself is breathtakingly beautiful, it is a small masterpiece. Bravo! But don’t take my word for it; just listen to it in the above player!

Who’s There
Nimoh has delivered a very well-balanced album. “Time For Change” describes the slow movements towards a better tomorrow. The same is perhaps true of the short “Where We Are”. The conversational style is back with “Who’s There?” and “Not Alone”.

I very much enjoy the ending of the album. The last three songs sum up everything that’s great about “Conversations On Piano”; the warm and positive “Searching For Answers”, then the emotionally charged “I’m With You” and “Who Will Go”. At this stage pushing the replay button seems like a great idea.

In conclusion: “Conversations On Piano” by Joseph Nimoh is a rock-solid release. It is great both for active listening and as background music. Without lyrics or a vocal Nimoh is able to describe the atmosphere and spirit of many memorable conversations. The feeling of being in good company, where anything can be discussed, is present from start to finish. That is a major accomplishment. Joseph Nimoh truly is an artist to follow in 2019; He is one of the new stars in New Age music. To quote one of the song titles; «His Plans Are Sure».

Score: 94/100 – See how I rate music here

Make sure to check out Joseph’s homepage, where you can sample and buy all his music.