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Anaamaly – Fields of Light Review


Meditation music is a much more difficult genre than people think. It is not about creating a pleasant, positive and comfortable atmosphere. Almost any artist can do that. The hard part is about crafting a soundscape so vivid, so rich, that it becomes a new reality in the listener’s mind. It is a natural sound, a wave washing over you. Anaamaly’s new album “Fields of Light”, released on Heart Dance Records, has this rare quality in abundance. It contains nine soundscapes that take us on a journey from the deepest cosmical waters to a peaceful drift way up in the air. “Fields of Light” is among 2019’s best meditation albums.

Phil Strickland, professionally known as ANAAMALY, is an Ambient New Age recording artist, composer, and sound healer based in Phoenix, Arizona. His music is created with the specific intention to heal and enlighten and can be heard around the globe. ANAAMALY recently released a single called “Morning Air” featuring Sanna-Pirita.

Centering Meditation
“Fields of Light” is recorded in 432Hz. There’s a fascinating discussion going on regarding this frequency, but I’m not going to give an in-depth presentation of it here. All I can say is that “Fields of Light” sounds warm and fresh, even on low-end equipment.

The first song is called “Centering Meditation.” A gong is heard, followed by an incredibly potent mix of synth pads and gentle sounds of nature. It makes it easy to enter a state of meditation and find that center we need to concentrate. On this track, we are in a warm, welcoming forest with singing birds. A flute-like wind blows in the treetops. It is a green paradise.

A Peaceful Drift
The scenery changes with “Morning Air.” Now we are out in the open. Each sound of the drone-like synth is like a ray of sunshine, illuminating us in glorious morning light. By listening, we feel refreshed and ready for a new day. There are some very lovely textures here, communicating a feeling of space and vastness. It is so real that it almost gives me a chill.

The feeling is not to last though. Next song, “A Peaceful Drift,” takes us to a warm and bright sphere, far from the troubles of everyday life. It has a bright sound, plus some undefinable but gentle clicks. In short; an expertly designed soundscape.

Experiencing Self
My favorite piece is “Cosmic Waters.” Listening to it feels a bit like going for a swim on a distant ocean planet. The sound of waves is mixed with hushed “voices,” originating from alien creatures, gliding past us in the deep, cosmic waters. It gets more personal with “Experiencing Self.” Now we are close to the center, the very core of existence. The sound is welcoming and warm. I very much like how the sound effects are a bit distant as if we are meditating on a porch on a rainy day.

A Higher Resonance
Now there’s movement. “Crossing the Current” is a high-speed trip with ghostly sounds. Close your eyes, and you’ll feel like you are crossing continents in minutes. Then everything seems to stop with “A Higher Resonance,” yet remaining height and perspective.

With “Evening Air” we are safely back on Earth. We hear the sound of a bonfire and some barely audible steel string instruments. The atmosphere is positive, yet the feeling of space seems almost threatening – like gazing on the night’s sky and realizing how insignificant we are. “Heart Opening Meditation” makes sure that the album ends on a high note – and that we land carefully, metaphorically speaking.

In conclusion: “Fields of Light” by Anaamaly is a remarkable album! It takes us on a journey of the mind, and we get to explore nine different and unique places. Even though there’s no melody, rhythm or vocal, “Fields of Light” is never boring. There are layers upon layers of interesting textures and effects, which give the album plenty of reply possibilities. It can be enjoyed as one continuous listen or as nine seven minutes long meditation sessions.

“Fields of Light “ is a rock-solid meditation album, guiding us effortlessly into another reality – and back. 

Score: 95/100 – See how I rate music here

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