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David Buchs – Visions & Dreams


David Buchs has just released two EPs called «Visions» and «Dreams». As the titles imply, this is music for meditation, contemplation and dreaming. But that is not all. In Buchs’ music is rare kind of beauty and an attention to detail. Just close your eyes, and its artistic quality will manifest itself. That is not just a dream or a vision, but an undeniable truth.

David Buchs is a Brooklyn based composer with music in over sixty episodes of television. His meditative sound has been featured in the directed meditations of Edward Vilga’s Daily Ohm course “A Year To Get Rich With Purpose”, which has been downloaded over 20k times and the RAW Travel Show.

Dreams & Visions
Given the simplistic nature of meditation albums, one would think that it is hard to separate a great release from a bad – but that is not the case. A bad album is uninspired and has nothing new to offer. A great release, on the other hand, makes you stop, think and admire. It is a piece of art in every sense of the word. Buchs’ «Visions” and «Dreams» are such releases.

The songs this EP are simply called «Vision», plus the track number. «Vision 1» takes us to a warm and bright sphere, where a distant piano and a light rhythm are the only contrasts to the analogue sounding synth pads. «Vision 2» has a more airy sound, perhaps telling a story about the balloon on the cover? On «Vision 3» the light rhythm is back and a deep cello is heard. «Vision 4» concludes the EP like a warm hug goodbye.

The EP «Dreams» has a rich, fat synth chord and no rhythm. «Dream 1» and 2 take us on a voyage of the mind, deep into a state which is both known and unknown, much like a «real» dream. «Dream 3» is light and bright, while «Dream 4» has some fascinating atmospheres you just have to experience for yourself.

My favorite EP is «Vision», which reminds me a bit of Jordan de la Sierra’s classic “Gymnosphere: Song of the Rose“.

In conclusion: The EPs «Dreams» and «Visions» by David Buchs contain exquisite meditation music. The songs are refreshingly short, simplistic and offer new and interesting tableaus into the mind, ideal for creative work or relaxation. In sum the two EPs are a very promising debut, and I look forward to David Bushs’ next releases.

Score: 89/100 – See how I rate music here