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Joseph L Young – Every Moment Review


The concept of time is an important topic in philosophy, science and art. Time is also the inspiration behind Joseph L Young’s fifth album “Every Moment”. Here he is returning to his first instrument, the saxophone. It is a breathtakingly beautiful album where not a single note is wasted, it all serves a purpose; to communicate that love and the people around you are all that really matters.

Previous albums by Joseph L Young are “Ethereum” (2016), “Life Spring” (2013), “Face The Wind” (2010) and “Pathways” (2004). Young is not only a proficient musician and recording artist, but also an exciting and engaging on-stage performer, recording engineer, producer and arranger.

First track out is “Prism”. The first you will notice is the wonderful mix of analogue sounding synths and the rich, fat saxophone. This is pure gold for any New Age music fan! It is the sound the late 1980s, when even mainstream pop songs had a 30 seconds sax solo in the middle. In “Prism” there’s also a great flute segment. Layer upon layer the song grows and develops. It is a very nice effect indeed. “Falling Through Time” may seem simplistic in style with its pluck synth, but there’s much under the surface here, including a ghostly vocal.

Making every moment count
“Every Moment” could have been extended to a complete album. The song is so emotionally charged and has many levels. I simply cannot believe that you can fit this much into a 5 minutes long song. But then again, Joseph is making every moment count. It is an absolutely brilliant song, an instant classic. Bravo! But don’t take my word for it, check ut out here:

Next out are “Twilight” and “Time Traveler”. I love the atmosphere, which is both dark and bright at the same time.

My favorite track on the album is “Once In A While”. The theme is magnificent. It has a very cool vibe and is custom-made for the saxophone. The synth backing too is amazing sound design. With “Vicariously Blue”, “Continuum” and “Chronos Dreams” the album gets a bit more thoughtful and contemplative.

On “Letting Go” there quite a few interesting layers of vocals and commentary – like that voice in your head telling you that it is time to let go and move on. We are close to the end, as illustrated by the song “Eleventh Hour”. It has a somewhat futuristic sound, showing just how well the arrangement of saxophone on a backdrop of carefully selected synths is. The album closer “Evening Repose” gives time to think, backed by wonderful sounds of nature. Hitting the replay button at this stage seems like the only smart thing to do.

In conclusion: “Every Moment” by Joseph L Young is an inspired and heartfelt album. It is also a proof that there are way too few saxophone albums released as New Age music these days. Hopefully Young’s rediscovered love for this instrument will last long. Or, in the spirit of the album, I should say forever.

Score: 91/100 – See how I rate music here.

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