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Joseph Nimoh – Introspection EP Review


In today’s world, everything is about me, @me and #me. We are living in an age dominated by selfies and shameless self-promotion on all platforms, 24/7. Yet we somehow never take the time to reflect on who this “me” really is. Am I on the right path? Is this who I really am? This is one of the reasons why Joseph Nimoh’s new EP “Introspection” feels like a breath of fresh air. The four short piano pieces the EP are like glimpses into the inner self – the very opposite of shallow self-promotion. Try it out, and see and feel what introspection is all about!

Joseph Nimoh was born and raised in Ghana. He began playing piano at age 11 at his mom’s church. He later studied piano performance at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, and has released a total of five albums. In our review of his last release, “Conversations On Piano“, we wrote that “Joseph Nimoh truly is an artist to follow in 2019; He is one of the new stars in New Age music.”

This episode of Magic Piano is dedicated to “Introspection”:

Rhythm of Life
The EP opener “Rhythm of Life” is a small masterpiece in the way it instantly connects with the listener’s soul. Totally unpretentious, gentle and quiet, it suddenly speaks to you directly – urging you to take a good look at the rhythm of your life. Its sound symbolizes an ideal, harmonious state. Life is struggles and hardships, yet you still have the ability to make some changes that will improve today and tomorrow. Follow the rhythm, and you’ll know what to do. In short; introspection 101.

At first, “Out There” may seem like a sad song. But no, it is not. “Out There” is about accepting the limitations of life; all the places you’ll never visit, all the opportunities you didn’t take. In this is gratitude of everything you have received, which is a contrast to what’s “out there.” I guess that melancholy is a necessary part of introspection, which this song describes wonderfully. It is a brilliant piece and a great example of why Joseph Nimoh is one of the brightest stars in New Age music today.

A portrait is an image frozen in time; it can produce all kinds of feelings. Nimoy’s “Portrait” is a contemplative and quiet piece. Perhaps life didn’t turn out well for the person in the portrait? Maybe that person is you, or your child? But what matters is the moment in life the picture was taken. A moment of happiness and endless possibilities. Such recollections can be both healing and deeply meaningful.

“Somber Mood” concludes the EP. In the beginning, we hear fragments of a song. Suddenly it all comes together. The atmosphere doesn’t change, but we have a new understanding of where the sadness comes from – thanks to the moments of deep introspection.

In conclusion: One thing seems certain; we all could need more introspection in our lives. To stop, think, and feel – without worrying about likes and retweets – is something we all should do in this day and age. Joseph Nimoh’s EP “Introspection” may quick-start this process. Brilliant!

Score: 95/100 – See our scoring policy

For more information and music samples, see josephnimoh.com