Midori’s Island Paradise


One of Midori’s most popular album is called Bali (2000). Fans of this album will instantly recognize the atmosphere on Island Paradise. While listening the island comes to life before your inner eye. It truly is a paradise Midori is creating.

Midori is Medwyn Goodall’s project for more ambient and meditative material than his usual melodic style. He has recently released a few other albums in this project as well; Music with Gentle Rain and Music with Birdsong.

I must first confess that one of Medwyn Goodall’s albums with an island theme – Earth Goddess – is among my all time favorite New Age music releases. Therefore I’m always very happy when I get to check out a new album from this artist with such a theme.

A Distant Flute
Island Paradise is a three track album. To The Island is like an introduction. Here we hear sounds of water and a somewhat distant flute. It reminds me of Paul Horn’s music, with its carefully crafted – though ambient – melodies (for instance Paul’s Inside albums). There are some very nice Eastern flavors here as well.

Sparkling Light takes us on a trip into the island, under the palm trees. You can hear the branches blowing in the wind. It is a very nice effect, and the ambient synth melody is truly beautiful.

The third track is called Temple Shrine (it is like a follow-up to Forgotten Temple on Bali) Hidden deep within the island is a an ancient temple. The atmosphere is more mystical and there’s a pleasant excitement here as well.

Fans of Midori’s Bali must check out Paradise Island. It is also a great choice if you are looking for a great meditation album with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. If your day is grey and cold; an imaginary paradise island is waiting for you…

Score: 87/100 – See how I rate music here.

The album is available here. Note that the album is free for subscribers of Medwyn Goodall’s podcast.