Psicodreamics – Ambiethernum


Psicodreamics, aka. Salva Moreno, is a master when it comes to atmospheres. On Ambiethernum (revisited) he has collected 13 of his best ambient space music songs. The collection may serve as an introduction to the musical world of Psicodreamics. It is currently available for free on Bandcamp. If that is not a great deal, I don’t know what is.

Psicodreamics is not your average New Age music project. Just by looking at the song titles you can sense that this artist is communicating something slightly different than «breathe & relax»; Stakes and Garlic, Crypt of Despair and Floating in the River of Souls. It truly is refreshingly different.

A Small Masterpiece
The collection starts with the song Forest Heartbeat. It is, in my opinion, nothing short of a small masterpiece. The rich pads, the birds singing and the ambient piano are beautiful beyond words. You really feel that you are in the middle of a living and breathing forest.

The already mentioned Crypt of Despair is dark and gloomy, but it is not entirely without hope. It has a rare, fragile beauty. It gets a bit lighter on Heaven in your eyes. Here wind chimes are the whole melody, backed by a distant pad. The way it is done is highly original.

I’m also very impressed with The Song of the Living Night. The ambient oboe melody has a sad and depressing sound. Yet still there’s an element of positivity. Even in the darkest of night there’s life and movement. It has a touch of magic.

On the next part of the album there’s more rhythm. I love the enigmatic piano on Unicorn’s Dream and the distorted bells melody on Labyrinth of Seduction. I’m less enthusiastic about Luminous, The Beyond and Twilight Dreaming (reverse) – but fans of deep space ambient will feel right at home.

Hopefully Ambiethernum will inspire many to check out other titles in the Psicodreamics project. Or if you are already a fan, you will enjoy hearing the songs in a different context.

You can sample Salva Moreno’s rich discography here.

Score: 92/100 – See how I rate music here.