Spooky Music for Halloween: Karen Biehl – The Castle


There’s something about a castle in the dark that gets our imagination running. It is the stuff of childhood nightmares and scary fairy tales. Listening to Karen Biehl’s new single “The Castle” feels like entering the medieval gates and venturing into the unknown – alone. It is the perfect Halloween soundtrack.

Karen Biehl has studied with former Metropolitan Opera star Thomas Hayward before completing her master’s degree at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. She is also classically trained in piano and violin. She is the creator of the “Journey to True Love“, “Journey to True Health” and “Journey to True Purpose” guided meditation series. For “Starlight Dreams”, released in November 2018, the readers and listeners here on Newagemusic.guide awarded Biehl the Best Solo Piano 2018 award.  Karen also has three news singles ready; “Portal to Peace, “As It Was, Ages Hence” and “Echoing Canyon” (which are available in two versions: I & II). 

This Mixcloud episode is dedicated to Karen Biehl and “The Castle”. First track is the intro to Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells, then it is time for “The Castle”:

The Castle
Karen Biehl has a rare melodic talent. We have seen that in the past, and “The Castle” is no exception. Just like Mike Oldfield’s “Tubular Bells”, this gentle piano melody has an atmosphere, an edge, that you’ll notice right away. It is scary. But there end the similarities. “Tubular Bells” is psychedelic, while “The Castle” is more cartoonish and harmless – a song suited for a Halloween party, not a horror movie.

I very much enjoy the synth arrangement. The pluck-like synth is hard and sharp, backing the piano nicely. The castle is obviously haunted. Soon we hear the lonely cries of ghosts, a conformation that entering the castle was a really bad idea.

The song is only 3 minutes and 12 seconds long, so we don’t know how the story ends. That said, the melody itself has lots of twists and turns, so it plays well on replay. I must also mention the nice touch of classical music and the masters of the past. In Biehl’s music is an elegance that makes us think of Debussy or Ravel.

If you are looking for a song for a Halloween party, or simply want a scary song, “The Castle” by Karen Biehl is a great choice. Check out her Halloween playlist here:

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