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Sherry Finzer – Acceptance Review


Acceptance is a feeling that is easy to misunderstand. To accept something is not the same as avoiding problems. No, it is a choice. Sometimes we cannot heal and move forward without it, because there’s so many things in this world we cannot change. The power of acceptance is the topic on Sherry Finzer’s new release. It is a magnificent album with a personal touch that takes us on a journey towards acceptance and beyond.

“Acceptance” is Sherry’s forth studio release, and her first since “Sanctuary III: Beyond the Dream” in 2014. It is available in digital formats only. The album consists of five newly recorded songs, and five of her most-popular. Inspiration for the music are both from her childhood and some more recent experiences. After looking back on these memories Sherry realized that good can come from even the darkest of times. Acceptance is a process, not a destination.

Ode to John
Sherry’s new release has a clear vision; In the beginning we are at a place of grief and pain. Then acceptance sets in and healing can start.

“Ode to John” is pain’s ground zero. The slow rendition of version of Samuel Barbers “Adagio for Strings” performed on C, Alto, Bass and Contrabass flutes communicates a strong feeling of loss, perhaps even helplessness. I absolutely love how it fades into the next track, “Awakening Breath”, which is taken from the “Whispers from Silence” (2016) album. At this stage there’s no light, only a hollow emptiness. A nice reverb effect gives the flute a lonely, sad sound. It is beautiful beyond words.

The Moment of Acceptance
Sherry has a point that acceptance often is something we don’t really notice when it happens. Looking back though – perhaps decades later – it is easy to pinpoint. We see that it was trough accepting something we were able to move on. “The Moment of Acceptance” describes this process brilliantly. It is not an a-ha moment. It is a slow process, underlined by the flute and gentle piano in the background. The song features Sherry’s son Nick on trombone and keys.

Next track is “Reflection”, one of my favorite songs from “Transformation” (2013), featuring Darin Mahoney on guitar. It almost fits better here than on the original album. It really makes you think.

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No more darkness
I first came across “The Beauty Lies Within” as a single and was very impressed by it (it is featured on the above Mixcloude episode). On “Acceptance” it is a symbol of life, hope and new experiences. Sherry says: “The song is dedicated to teenage girls, who often let bullying affect them in a way that defines their destiny; know that you are unique and special in your own way and that appearances are just that – the true you is what lies within.”

“In the Light of Darkness”, featuring Darin Mahoney on guitar, has a fantastic melody. It really lights a light when you put it on. At this stage on the album acceptance has paved the way for new happiness, and there’s love too; “Love wins” is a short, cool tune by Nick Finzer.

The last three tracks sums up the album’s atmosphere brilliantly; the thoughtful “Reflections”, the positive “Never Far” – and “Breathe”, a 22 minutes and 22 seconds long piece, perfect for meditation and relaxation. “Breathe” is like an album within an album.

In conclusion: “Acceptance” is from start to finish a wonderful and thought-provoking release. It takes us on a journey from sadness, via acceptance to happiness and joy. It gives fresh perspective on five songs, and we get five new songs as well. “The Beauty Lies Within” will for sure be a New Age music hit in the years to come. But don’t take my word for it; give it a spin and I’m sure that you too will accept that this is a superb album.

Score: 95/100 – See how I rate music here

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