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Surprises on the New Age Music Chart for June


On the New Age Music Chart (NAMC) for June, Enya’s “Dark Sky Island” is no longer number 1. Three very popular albums were released over the last month, and Enya is now “only” number 4 on the chart. The newcomers are Darlene Koldenhoven, Curtis Macdonald and Loreena McKennitt. 

Darlene Koldenhoven’s new instrumental album “Chromatones” is already a huge success. She set a new record for number of votes from our readers and listeners. In June we also saw the successful release of a new Curtis Macdonald “best of” album, which is always popular among New Age music fans. Further down on the list we find Kevin Wood’s new album “Eternal”. This is an album to follow in the coming months.

Without further ado, here’s the chart for June 2018:


New Age Music Chart (NAMC)

June 2018

1. Darlene Koldenhoven – Chromatones (10.0) (1)

2. Curtis Macdonald – Where the Heart Belongs (9.8) (1)

3. Loreena McKennitt – Lost Souls (9.2) (2)

4. Enya – Dark Sky Island (9.1) (6)


5. Fiona Joy – Story of Ghosts (8.5) (3)


6. Joseph L Young – Every Moment (7.9) (3)


7. Enigma – Fall of A Rebel Angel (7.5) (5)


8. Kevin Wood – Eternal (7.0) (2)


9. Anne Trenning & Friends – Beautiful Song (6.4)  (5)

10. Suzanne Ciani – Live Quadraphonic (6.2) (1)

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The score is based on two factors; (1) The popularity of an artist’s tag on Newagemusic.guide, and (2) Number of requests for songs from an album, to be played on New Age Stars.

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