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New Age Music Chart for June 2019


It is only July, but Karen Biehl has managed to get TWO no. 1 positions on the New Age music chart this year – first in March with “Starlight Dreams“, and now in June with “Echoing Canyon“. Our readers and listeners also very much like Lisa Pressman’s new album “As We Imagine“, and Clifford White is still holding on to a strong 3rd position with “The Speed of Silence“. 

Be sure to check out the new albums by Edward Blumenthal, Michelle Qureshi and Gary Farr too. RedHeat’s Hanami Nights is an excellent choice for hot summer nights. And remember: if you continue to vote for John Adorney’s “Invisible Songbird” in July – rated 96/100 by us in this review – then the album has been on the New Age music chart for a whole year – something only Enya and Enigma have done before him! Talking about Enya, if you are in search of “anything Enya”, check out our presentation of her unofficial 1st album “The Frog Prince”!

New Age Music Chart (NAMC)

June 2019

Name // Album // Score // Months in Chart

1. Karen Biehl – Echoing Canyon (10.0) (1)

2. Lisa Pressman – As We Imagine (9.6) (1)

3. Clifford White – The Speed of Silence – Synergy Series Part II (9.4) (2)

4. Enya – Dark Sky Island (9.1) (21)


5. Edward Blumenthal – The Late Train Home (8.8) (1)

6. Michelle Qureshi – Guitar Sojourner (8.5) (1)

7. Tangerine Dream – Phaedra Outtake: Organ Piece (8.3) (2)

8. RedHeat – Hanami Nights (8.1) (1)

9. Gary Farr – An Angel on Earth (7.9) (1)

10. John Adorney – Invisible Songbird  (7.8) (11)

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The score is based on two factors; (1) The popularity of an artist’s tag on Newagemusic.guide, and (2) Number of requests for songs from an album, to be played on New Age Stars.

Above picture by Laura Dienzo – Bigstockphoto.com