Last weekend Sweden’s Henrik Stenson won British Open 2016 in Golf. For their coverage of this event, NBC brought back Yanni’s “In Celebration Of Man”. Hear the new version below….

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BT Fasmer, Editor & Radio Host
BT Fasmer, Editor & Radio Host

Samer Fanek is now releasing his debut album called “Wishful Thinking”.  If you are looking for inspiring and powerful instrumental music, this is an album to check out. Samer Fanek…


On July 26 Marc Enfroy will release his new album called Crossroads. It is an album about leaving, seeking and finding a new path…and being the real you. A decade…

Music is a portal. When playing your favorite song, you open a gate to powerful emotions, memories and stories. I’m sure that’s why Medwyn Goodall’s new album is called The…

New Age music does something wonderful to the nervous system.
It settles you down into a deep state of relaxation.
Paul Horn

Samer Fanek – Wishful Thinking

Sample and buy Samer Fanek - Wishful Thinking on Amazon.

White Sun – Rakhe Rakhanhar

Buy White Sun's Debut Album here:
More information here:

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Music is a portal. When playing your favorite song, you open a gate to powerful emotions, memories and stories. I’m sure that’s why Medwyn Goodall’s new album is called The…


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I had high hopes for Dark Sky Island, Enya’s eight studio album. Having listened to it for months, I’m happy to say that the album does not disappoint in any…


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Deep Forest’s new album “Evo Devo” has now been released, both as a digital download, CD and as a 12″ double vinyl. When listening to the release, it is easy…


Forbes recently did an interview with Enya called A Conversation With Enya About Sampling, The Nature Of Fame, And How To Control Your Career. Jimmy Ness’ via the phone interview…


John Burke, who has achieved international success with his solo piano recordings, recently released his fourth album titled Orogen. Encompassing an energetic flavor of new-age jazz and classicism, Orogen is…


Enya’s father, Mr Leo Brennan, died on 22 June 2016.  According to It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Enya’s father, Mr Leo Brennan. Enya…


It is with great pleasure we announce that New Age Stars radio is «on air» again. We have over the last month had some technical difficulties, but they were solved…


“Seay in the Garden”, released by Tuscan Sun Music, is the fourth release from artist composer and vocalist SEAY. Featuring her uplifting voice and universal sound, this beautiful new age…


Jim Brickman has just released a new album called “Freedom Rings”. This collection of patriotic classics celebrates the pride and beauty of the American musical spirit. Jim recently posted this…


Anora is a singer, composer, performing artist, and recording artist who resides in the Salt Lake City area. “Labyrinth” is her debut album and features a combination of classical instrumentation…


News regarding the Amethystium music project is rare, but here’s an update that I’m sure many will appreciate: This is from the official Amethystium newsletter. Oystein Ramfjord writes: “Hello! Time…

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