Vangelis’ new album will be called Rosetta, and it is due for release on 23 September. The release of the album by Decca Records coincides with the culmination of the…

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BT Fasmer, Editor & Radio Host
BT Fasmer, Editor & Radio Host
White Sun II - Pre Order

ATLANTA, GA – Acclaimed pianists Matthew Mayer and John Burke will perform a piano concert on Saturday, September 17, 2016, at 7:30 pm at Emory Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, Georgia….


Raymond Henry Oldfield, father of New Age music artists Mike, Terry and Sally, died on 11 August 2016. Dr. Raymond Henry Oldfield was born in 1923. In connection with the…


Composer Bill Wren, known as the “Rare Texas Songbird,” has released his third album, Road To Chiang Mai, on the Ponder Dust record label. His first two recordings, One day…


A New Age music fan once told me that: «I love this genre, but instrumental music is not for me. I need a vocal, a human voice that can tell…

White Sun – Rakhe Rakhanhar

Buy White Sun's Debut Album here:
More information here:

Timothy Wenzel – Forgiven

The seventh song on the album Distant Horseman (2016). Visit

Enchanted Kingdom – Bill Wren, Frank Ralls, & Tara Ralls

From the new Bill Wren album, Road To Chiang Mai - Now Available. Buy it here.

Samer Fanek – Wishful Thinking

Sample and buy Samer Fanek - Wishful Thinking on Amazon.

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White Sun II Review

A New Age music fan once told me that: «I love this genre, but instrumental music is not for me. I need a vocal, a human voice that can tell…


Samer Fanek – Wishful Thinking Review

Duke Ellington once said that «The wise musicians are those who play what they can master.» That might be true, but sometimes artists – and especially debut artists – have…


Medwyn Goodall – The Portal Review

Music is a portal. When playing your favorite song, you open a gate to powerful emotions, memories and stories. I’m sure that’s why Medwyn Goodall’s new album is called The…


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Tony O’Connor died in 2010, but his music lives on. In this article I’m going to present four of his albums that in different ways show his amazing creative talent….

New Age music does something wonderful to the nervous system.
It settles you down into a deep state of relaxation.
Paul Horn

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Kitaro’s compilation, Asian Café, has now been released. The album is out on It gathers 15 tracks from Kitaro’s solo albums.  This compilation features a variety of tracks from…


“Give a Yanni a try”, says metal-lover Sean Stangland, journalist in Daily Herald, Chicago. “You might just become a fan.” And more: “You know his singular moniker. You know his…

Many instrumental artists use clever and exotic song titles to invite listeners to share their passion for adventure and unique places. Guitarist and composer Lawrence Blatt may be the first…


Rebbie Straubing, founder of The Yoga of Alignment (YOFA®), releases a new EP of chants that promote heightened spiritual awareness. Rebbie Straubing, energy music pioneer and American singer songwriter, just…


John Adorney’s new album “A World Awakens” has now been released. A World Awakens picks up where John’s 2015 release The Wind Pearl left off, once again adding new styles…


  On September 2 Jim Brickman will release the second installment in the Soothe series, called “Sleep – Music for Tranquil Slumber”. Jim says: “I learned that piano music has…


Kindled by an awareness of divine guidance and conscious connection with spirit, new age singer/songwriter and Music Medicine Woman Kimberly Haynes delivers her debut album, Awaken Me, which brings forth…


Eamonn Karran has just released an album Celtic Skies. It is the third album by this fine Irish composer/pianist/keyboardist. Here’s a short but colourful presentation of the album: “Just as…


Enigma’s 8th album is called The Fall Of A Rebel Angel. Release date is 11th November 2016. If you pre-order on iTunes, you will receive an instant download of “Sadeness…

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